Golf is a strategic game of inches and degrees, which is why we created Maximus Golf - the ultimate indoor golf experience for the passionate and aspiring golfers.

Maximus Golf is the leading indoor golf-specific performance studio in Hong Kong, seamlessly combining the art of golf, physical fitness and cutting-edge biomechanics technology to take your game to a whole new level.

Our all-in-one mini golf performance room is equipped with the most innovative and accurate of biomechanics technology, allowing you to transform your game and maximise your golfing potential!

Here at Maximus Golf, we believe that golf is an elite performance sport. We believe golfers should be trained like high performance athletes with a greater focus on health and movement efficiency.

A player’s swing is the best expression of individual power and force. We don’t believe in changing your swing to conform, but rather helping you to streamline and boost your power and delivery. Here, we believe this will uncover your most efficient swing and improve your game.

Through our specialised mini golf fitness training and technology-aided practice from our studio situated in the heart of Hong Kong, we continue to achieve real improvements. Our comprehensive screening encompasses swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness and movement quality. As the overall result of this screening process, Maximus forms the basis of a unique and fully customised plan - just for you.

We will assess areas for improvement at each stage, thus creating a powerful and positive feedback loop for future success.

We don’t just provide the perfect indoor space for an exceptional session of mini golf, but our dedicated team of experts offers fitness training, physical therapy and treatment, coaching in swing mechanics and biomechanics, nutritional coaching and a mental strategy - all we need is your commitment.

Your best swing is already within you.



Brad Schadewitz

Head of Golf Instruction


Leo Tong

Head of Specialised Fitness