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Our golf room is equipped with all the latest technology, designed to help take your game to the next level


the most accurate and versatile launch monitor available.

With the GCQuad, you can have the most accurate club and ball data at your finger tips.

Book an introductory session with us to see what your numbers are, and learn how you can optimize your launch conditions to get a tour-like ball flight! We will explain in-depth what these numbers mean and how it relates to your game, and what you can do to improve those numbers.

Below is a sample of the stats provided by the GCQuad. 


the market’s premier 3D body motion sensor


Use KVEST to find out where you’re leaking power. And then FIX IT with our unique biofeedback system. 

You can now see and understand how what you do with your body causes the club and ball to do what they do. No more guessing. It’s true cause and effect. You will now understand how your swing directly affects launch parameters and ball flight. 


center of pressure and vertical force data to provide a completely fresh perspective into your golf swing


Every move you make is reflected in how you use the ground. It’s impossible to see this from video. 
Most golfers use the ground completely the wrong way.

You’d be very surprised to find out what the great ball strikers do instead. 
Use BodiTrak to uncover your center of pressure trace and find out the missing ingredient in your swing. 


Our swing analysis software has a wide range of drawing tools, and integrates perfectly with our other technologies.

We have have two high-speed high-definition cameras from the face-on and down-the-line view, automatically recording every shot you hit to our database. 

Our room is fitted with custom lights designed to provide the best lighting for optimal video capture. 

The GASP software provides a huge range of drawing tools so you can analyze and compare your swing in as much detail as you like. 

Every client will have a custom profile so they can keep a record of their swings and track the progress they are making through each lesson.

the best software-to-hardware intergration.

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