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Louis Doctrove Personal Trainer Maximus Studio.png


Head Trainer & Manager

Louis has over 13 years experience working with an array of clientele and knows what it takes to achieve a successful client transformation. With several years under his belt as a head trainer and manager, he’s come to realize that the 12 week transformation is overrated and that one-size-fits-all template doesn't work for everyone. Having worked with so many different clients he’s developed the ability to tailor his approach to each client so that he can get the most out of their time spent with him. 


Whether it’s a 6am or 7pm client, you will always get his full attention, which carries over to any assistance you may need outside of the gym. He’s always available to help when it comes to things like your diet or training while you're out of town. 


His attention to detail will ensure you never perform wasted reps or half-assed sessions in the gym. He understands that both your time and money are valuable and won’t let either go to waste. There will never be a dull training session with Louis and he will always find that right balance of making training both fun and challenging.

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Senior Trainer

Shaun Melwani Maximus Studio Personal Trainer.png

Shaun has been coaching for over 6 years now and is well known in the Hong Kong fitness industry. With a background in strength & conditioning for football, he has an arsenal of tools at his disposal, to help clients reach their peak physical performance. His vast understanding of nutrition, and specifically sports nutrition, has helped him achieve top quality results with his wide array of clientele. Not only will Shaun get you in the best shape possible, he will also educate you when it comes to training and nutrition. 


With several successful client transformations under his belt, he also stresses the importance of making sure all areas of your life are working optimally to ensure you feel good on a daily basis. These small, but important, areas are where most people are lacking and he’s here to guide you every step of the way. With a deep health approach, Shaun believes small consistent habits are what's needed to significantly improve your quality of life. 


Senior Trainer


Martin has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and is easily one of the most humble and personable trainers you will ever meet. He has definitely mastered the art of being both supportive and tough at the same time. 


Working with all different types of clients is his passion and one of his main goals is to always maintain a good relationship with his clients. He does this by showing patience but also holding them accountable when they need to be. Anyone looking to add muscle or size to their frame would be very well off training with Martin as his background involves bodybuilding. 


Martin has the ability to make clients feel at ease, especially people new to the gym and knows how to slowly progress training so that clients feel more competent as time goes by.

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