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Personal Training

Our personal training is always structured with a goal in mind. As busy and fast-paced as Hong Kong is, no one wants to be coming in multiple times each week training with no direction and not working towards a goal.

Training Plans

Programs are divided into 4 week blocks with usually 1-2 workouts repeated weekly. You’re going to make a lot more progress focusing on the same lifts several times a month as opposed to doing a different workout every single time you come in. Within the 4 weeks reps and weights will change and this is where progressive overload happens. Changing the workouts slightly every 4 weeks prevents you from getting bored and helps you stick to the long term plan.

Fat Loss

Fat loss would involve both a structured training program and a detailed nutrition plan. A calorie deficit is going to be the main way you elicit fat loss and we will teach you how to manage this and still be able to train hard. Don’t worry, it won’t be a chicken and broccoli prescribed diet. We will show you how to still be able to eat the foods you want and enjoy - it’s about learning how many calories are contained in the foods you like to eat so that you know HOW much to eat. Training won’t involve low weights with high reps, that’s a myth. You will still be focusing on lifting heavy and consistently.

Muscle Gain

Muscle gain would involve a structured training program and a detailed nutrition plan, where we will slowly build you up into a calorie surplus over time. When people struggle to build muscle and add size it’s because they’re not eating enough consistently. The other mistake is eating everything in sight and not taking into account you need to be eating specific amounts of protein so that the majority of weight you put on isn’t all fat. Training would involve targeting the large muscle groups (legs, back and chest) and over time progressively overloading by either increasing the weight used or reps performed. 

Full Transformation

A full transformation usually involves both building muscle and dropping body fat at the same time. This can be done by applying a systematic approach over several months to your training program and nutrition plan. You might spend a few weeks eating maintenance calories before slowly dropping you down into a calorie deficit. The training program will change slightly every few weeks and after progress photos have been taken so we can identify which specific body parts need more attention. The 12 week transformation is overrated, for us the job is done when you’re happy with what you see and feel. That may be 12 weeks, it might be 6 months.  

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What Our Clients Say


Jenn S

"6 months later, I find myself loving the gym, down 9kgs and feeling stronger than ever. Louis taught me how to eat everything I wanted without having to cut anything out."
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