On your own or as a group, we offer specialised physical activities that are tailored for you. 



1-oN-1 OR 2-ON-1

Our main goal is to bring out the best in every individual. We first perform an initial assessment, which provides us with the valuable opportunity to get to know your personal history regarding any physical activities you may have done over the years. 

We then create a tailored workout programme suited to your individual capabilities, helping you to achieve the ultimate body at a suitable pace. To perfectly complement your tailored workout regime, we also offer a nutritional programme, which consists of healthy and exciting recipes, along with dietary supplements to attain that extra boost. With our sports nutritionist, you can live your ideal lifestyle in Hong Kong.



group classes

Strongman is the new and ultimate workout in Hong Kong. Take your average workout to a whole new level with a high-intensity and fast-paced set of Strongman activities, that won’t only test your physical capabilities, but also your will to succeed. Strongman training is designed to build the camaraderie between those that endure it right here in our fitness studio in Hong Kong. From here, our clients support each other to keep training hard and push themselves even further.

(5-6) people per session.
First-timers and friends are welcome.



Whether it’s maintaining a healthy diet or simply eating more of the foods you love without losing track of your fitness goals, having a nutrition consultant in Hong Kong that you can count on makes all the differences! Our head nutritionist Annie Hon is that person in Hong Kong as your advisor, health guide and food buddy for fun and clean eating. Discover amazing recipes and cheeky food hacks to make your healthy lifestyle better than ever!

What to expect?

  • The applied principles of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) to identify areas where you can improve your wellbeing.

  • A Health Assessment Questionnaire to identify any symptoms the client currently experiences.

  • Detail the client's lifestyle and medical history to gain an impression of possible root causes for his/her symptoms.

  • Explain how one's lifestyle has a direct impact on the current state of your body.

  • Together with the client, we will devise an action plan consisting of short and long term goals to help him feel better (dietary changes, rest/recovery, exercising frequency/intensity, supplementation, stress reduction techniques, suggest functional testing to identify the root cause of symptoms.