liliane chan


Business Development Executive

Hailing from Hong Kong and growing up in Canada and the US, Lily comes from a diverse background. She is no stranger to breaking down barriers and triumphing through hardship, which has helped mould her fitness philosophy. She believes that anything can be achieved through determination and unwavering willpower. With copious energy levels that don’t ever seem to rest, Lily became Nicknamed as “The Energizer Bunny” since before she could walk. Fitness, sports and dance became a physical and mental haven, a place to release and channel her energy in a positive and healthy way. While her passion for fitness initially sprang from sports such as: Track and Field, cross-country, mixed martial arts and dance, it quickly evolved in to the practical studying and breaking down of exercises across all fitness backgrounds and combining those elements into her trainings. With nearly a decade of professional experience in personal training, CrossFit, and other fitness disciplines, her love for fitness and wellness lifestyle grows by the day and her mission is to inspire others to find joy and a true sense of self through working out.