Personal Trainer/Head Nutritionist

A Hong Kong native, Annie is Maximus’ very own health coach guru. Spending years cultivating experience and knowledge in the fitness industry as both a personal trainer and expert nutritionist Annie meticulously curates the most inspiring and extensive experience to her clients so that they can push themselves physically and mentally.

At Maximus, Annie creates a vibrant and safe place to challenge her students to overcome obstacles and join her on a journey they never dreamed was possible. Through motivation, determination, and education, Annie is your ultimate partner to achieving the results you’ve always wanted.

Education & Qualification Seminars attended

  • B.Sc Animal Biology - Vancouver, Canada (2004)
  • Masters of Public Health - HK (2009)
  • PICP I & II - Rhode Island, USA (2014)
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (2015)

Seminars & Internships attended

  • Andre Benoit Hypertrophy Academy - HK (2014)
  • Christian Maurice Transformation & Biochemistry Seminar - HK (2014)
  • Andre Benoit Strength Academy - HK (2015)
  • Stuart McGill Building the Ultimate Back - HK (2015)
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization I - Vancouver, Canada (2017)
  • 5-day Private Internship with Christian Maurice - Montreal, Canada (2017)