About us



Maximus Studio is a place to build your greatest self. With a team of devoted personal trainers, Maximus is working to achieve a lifestyle designed by you. Over 3,600 square feet of private with state of the art equipment and located in the heart of Sheung Wan, this all structured to help you GAIN, ATTAIN AND RETAIN. 


•    Personal Training
•    physiotherapy
•    Nutrition Plans
•    Strong Man Classes
•    Bodybuilding
•    Full Transformations


Thorough assessments, tailored programs, personal training, monitoring, comprehensive nutrition support and onsite sports therapy and rehabilitation. Tell us your goals. Tell us your obstacles. We will help you overcome and achieve.


Personal training at Maximus is about you. Steered by our driven team of trainers, we build personalized programs incorporating the latest techniques and state of the art equipment.